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Dec 1, 2019
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If you have to choose 1 malolactic bacteria strain to take up resident inside your only oak barrel, what strain would that be?
Please just take this for what it's worth, I have no proof otherwise but simply intuition. I look at VP 41 the same as EC 1118. It's a workhorse and guaranteed to finish but does it really give you the best end results, again I don't know. I use MBR 31, it's a slower ferment and requires lower SO2 concentrations but I have had success with it.
Do you continue to add it or do you now rely on the culture already living in your barrel to do the job for the next batch?
I inoculate my must just as alcoholic fermentation starts, it finishes while in carboys. My wine is then sulfited and put into the barrels at 55°F in the wine room So the answer is that I admit every year.
I just racked my wine as mlf finished yesterday. It was somewhat smelly like Brett maybe. I pitched the mlb the day before I racked off the gross Lee’s.
sitting on fine lees for five weeks without so2 I think is not such a good idea. Next year I’ll co inoculate and use vp41 which I believe can handle more so2 than most mlb. I also may use fungal derived chitosan after AF then rack then add mlb Still bummed over the smell of my wine.

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