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  1. 1

    Malolactic Starter Smell

    (Hi. Just joined. Hope this is a good sub-forum to post in). I made a starter for my malolactic bacteria, and the smell I get from it is that of sour beer. Lactic acid is the main acid in sour beer, so that makes sense, but the few things I see around the internet are that the starter should...
  2. N

    MLF Help/Suggestions!

    Hey all, love the great tips on here. Could use some help of my own. I pressed my Cab. Two days later, I carefully racked my carboys to the neck and I began MLF that day. it’s been just over 2 weeks since MLF has visibly been going on but some heavy sediment has accumulated...should I rack...
  3. Al Hatfield

    MLF with grape concentrate

    I read if you put a wine with citrus acid through MLF it will produce acidic acid and taste like vinegar. I did a 2nd run wine through some merlot skins and used water and grape concentrate to do it and I’m talking about standard frozen grocery store grape juice concentrate not a wine specific...
  4. F

    Infection during MLF

    My merlot got a sign of infection during MLF, so I racked and added sulfite. The MLF was only half way done when the infection occurred. I’m wondering if I can wait for sulfite to go down and restart MLF again. If not, can you advise in what to do as merlot is still pretty tart. Thanks!
  5. F

    Choosing 1 strain of MLB

    If you have to choose 1 malolactic bacteria strain to take up resident inside your only oak barrel, what strain would that be?
  6. DonnyDarko19

    Malolactic Fermentation Help

    I had a question about MLF. After a week of fermenting 100 lbs of merlot grapes with EC-1118, I pressed my grapes on Friday and racked off the gross lees on Sunday. I have not added any sulfites since the crush. When I racked on Sunday, I had to top off with a similar store bought wine. 3...
  7. waynemart

    Malolactic Bacteria

    A small pack of malolactic bacteria averages $10 in the brew shops. They say it takes a packet for each 6 gallons. That gets expensive when you have eight carboys needing some help. Is it possible to stretch one packet for all eight carboys by starting it in one and transferring portions...