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  1. 1

    Malolactic Starter Smell

    (Hi. Just joined. Hope this is a good sub-forum to post in). I made a starter for my malolactic bacteria, and the smell I get from it is that of sour beer. Lactic acid is the main acid in sour beer, so that makes sense, but the few things I see around the internet are that the starter should...
  2. A

    Storing freeze-dried malolactic bacteria

    This year will be my first year making wine from grapes and also first time doing MLF on any wine. I am planning on sourcing 150 lb of Pinot to make 8 gallons red + 1 gallon saignee rose. I'm also considering getting an additional 50 lb of Foch but undecided (also open to suggestions - is it...
  3. Xlev

    WineXpert Malolactic fermentation kit Chardonnay

    Ok I know this has been discussed before,but I am having a hard time understanding why you should not perform malolactic fermentation with kit wines. As far as I have understood the main reasons seem to be that: - Malolactic bacteria consumes malic acid and converts it into lactic acid changing...
  4. Jim Cepaniewski

    Malolactic Fermentation

    Hello all, I need your help/advice. I have wines that are about one month past primary fermentation. I’m concerned my Reds did not complete malolactic fermentation, so instead of paying to have them tested, I’m just going to add more cultures. This is where my question lies… What if I take a...
  5. N

    MLF Help/Suggestions!

    Hey all, love the great tips on here. Could use some help of my own. I pressed my Cab. Two days later, I carefully racked my carboys to the neck and I began MLF that day. it’s been just over 2 weeks since MLF has visibly been going on but some heavy sediment has accumulated...should I rack...
  6. F

    Infection during MLF

    My merlot got a sign of infection during MLF, so I racked and added sulfite. The MLF was only half way done when the infection occurred. I’m wondering if I can wait for sulfite to go down and restart MLF again. If not, can you advise in what to do as merlot is still pretty tart. Thanks!
  7. F

    Press, MLF and Sulfite

    I currently have petite Sirah wine grape fermenting and it’s almost done fermenting. Per my research, if I want to do MLF, I shouldn’t add any sulfite in my wine. However, with pressing, I’m concerned with infection and oxidation. Of course, I’ll sanitize my wine press but I’m still a bit...
  8. F

    Choosing 1 strain of MLB

    If you have to choose 1 malolactic bacteria strain to take up resident inside your only oak barrel, what strain would that be?
  9. KTWineMaker

    Add a second string of Malolactic Cultures, if first didn't work?

    I have a batch of Lodi Zinfandel grapes which have gone through primary fermentation, after crushing and destemming I added 1/4 potassium metabisulfate to the must. I want my wine to go through MLF, but my local wine store only had one kind of malolactic cultures: WLP675 Malolactic Cultures. I...
  10. DonnyDarko19

    Malolactic Fermentation Help

    I had a question about MLF. After a week of fermenting 100 lbs of merlot grapes with EC-1118, I pressed my grapes on Friday and racked off the gross lees on Sunday. I have not added any sulfites since the crush. When I racked on Sunday, I had to top off with a similar store bought wine. 3...
  11. JCBurg

    Malolactic fermentation, should I?

    simple question here, I will be making petite petal this fall, if that matters at all, and I am planning out my steps. When should I begin ML fermentation if at all? How do I know it is time? Is it something that is always done with reds and if not under what conditions would I not do an ML...
  12. B

    Fermentation Plan; Racking; Oaking; One-Step Cleanser

    I’m only a few years into my wine making adventure so looking for all the help I can get! Has anyone used One Step to clean and sanitize equipment? I have always used b-brite and Kmeta in the past, but I want to keep sulfites low to allow for a better fermentation and MLF. Also curious if my...
  13. Dom Lausic

    MLF for Pinot Noir

    Good morning all, Just racked my Pinot Noir from primary Sunday night, and I'm getting ready for MLF, but had a couple of questions. I crushed 12 cases of PN to get 110L of wine. I inoculated the must with Lalvin RC212 yeast and added pectic enzymes for colour. When I was racking from...
  14. tradowsk

    Malolactic fermentation for kits

    I have an extended maceration going with a WineXpert Eclipse Lodi Ranch 11 Cab Sauv kit that will be finishing up in 2 weeks. I was interested in doing MLF on this batch once the EM is done since my preference for red wine is lower acid. But I read online in...
  15. P

    Questions about malolactic fermentation.

    Howdy folks. I created a wine from an old grape vine in my garden around two months ago, this was my first attempt at making wine and was a very fun time, I did not perform a malolactic fermentation post the primary fermentation. The wine is very tart, it has a strong alcohol flavour behind an...