Anyone using Dial-UP?

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Oct 26, 2008
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I found a great program, "Phone Tray v 2.35", you can google for it if interested.

30 days free to try, $17 to buy, my trial ended 2 weeks ago and it's still working. LOL

You need caller idea and call waiting, but when you have an incoming call a screen pops up showing you the name/number and gives you an option to disconnect and answer or ignore, and provides a log of calls recieved. If the speakers are on it rings and a voice announces the number.

Really slick little program for those of us still using dial up. Won't miss any calls.

Troy....join me here in the future.....dsl, cable or satellite. You'll never look back.

I live in the woods in the middle of Alaska man. Had dsl last year but changed phone providers and the current one doesn't offer dsl. looking at the wireless when the finances get better.
The wireless they offer his is real fast. $50/month. I can see the mountain the antenna sits on top of so I will be able to get a great signal. But for now it boils down to money. It's the middle of winter here. I am happy just to be able to keep warm and fed.

None the less, I am willing to bet I am not the only one using dial up and the program I mentioned works real well for anyone still in the 90's.
I've got an idea. Kitten mill. You pump out a half dozen kittens out of your house per week at lets say.... $2 each..... (carry the five....) that's almost 50 bucks a month...

Get those kitty's mating.......

You may have to get rid of some carboys though to make room for the cat fornication area.

I'm an idea's what I do.
No more kitties. Been there done, done, done, and a few more done thats. All three are fixed. We went through meno-"paws" 2 yrs ago. I would however like to figure out how to make wine from cat hair!! LOL
satellite works anywhere on the planet

No it doesnt, you need a clear line of site at 33degress and 116 to 124 degrees. If you have trees and a mountain in the way it wont work, That it for 250k you pay $60 a month. Wireless need signal, and I am still getting my phone on copper lines. We dont have Cable either
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I used to have something like that Troy, it was called Callwave and had the same features you talk about, its still out there but costs money as it used to be free. With me on the comouter here all thge time and my wife wanting to be on the phone all the time dial up wouldnt work here without a divorse and to have 2 seperate lines costs more then high speed internet!
When I'm not using my cable at home I'm on a hotspot via wifi or on my phone (like today) via 3G.
I'm just glad we all can connect despite the method we use.
I remember browsing bulletin board systems via 2.4 k modem back in 92...(shiver) web pages had less crap to slow things down. Now you need 7mps just to handle the advertisements.
Had a hayes 300 switchable 1200 modem back in 1988 with an IBM 8088. Thought I was in heaven. LOL.
Radar, if you were in heaven than, I shutter to think where you are now. Now that we are able to access the Internet that much faster we are exposed to that much more.

Some of us may no longer be in heaven depending upon what we have accesssed at this point.

Not me. I only look at positive things. Like making wine, etc.

(ps, I just spilled my whisky laughing so hard.)

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