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Jan 4, 2010
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Here is a couple shots of my wine making room/bar area. Still need to do some work but I like it. Now all i have to do is clear out that closet under the stairs to make my wine cellar.



Nice set-up. You can serve up the guests at the bar while they watch you whip up another batch.
Looks like a good setup! I'm stuck in the garage!:)

Heck, i'm in the under the stair area of the laundry room. Probably a good thing though, as my wife keeps the rest of the house cool.

Yeah, that's a nice room. The "rock" walls area very castle-y.
Thanks, my wife is a cool chick. I built her a new kitchen so i got the downstairs to turn into my man cave, & the old kitchen cab, double sink & dishwasher although i still need to hook it up. its about (850 sq. ft.) Our living room takes up the space adjacent to the bar. My friend has a company and makes his own stone, he did all the stone work. "Castle" my wife keeps calling our house Castle Von Gehr , its a rancher set on a full basement. the back 2/3rds are underground. So it keeps at a pretty constant temp down there. Im thinking we will Label the Bottles "Castle Von Gehr Vineyard" or maybe just "Von Gehr Vineyard" Still undecided on that one, any suggestions?
That nice looking!
Me I'm scattered all over the house. Thanks God my wife loves me.
The biggest problem is that I keep the full carboys up in my office and carrying them up and down stairs is a PITA.
I would like to have a basement, but here Florida that just won't work.

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