Wild berries

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Mar 30, 2009
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was out scouting in the woods today and came across a million of these beauties. hope to be making me some blackberry wine soon.:sm

Yeah BUDDY!!

They dont look very black though?

Nice find. Most definitely fermentation in your future.
Watch them closely. They will start to change fast and then it's get scratched time!
Our's are about done here in Florida, but this year I cleaned up on any roadside patch I could find.
Hey, if it's that many berries then maybe you can make enough wine so it stays around a little longer this time!
LOL this is true. We dont really have issus with bears in our area though. They released some just to have some black bears i believe in the area to help with other animal populations but thats all we really have. I think I am going to have to go highway picking as well. I think dad is going to clean his farm out on his own.