Wife's got a new turntable

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Jan 2, 2010
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My wife just bought and it arrived yesterday a turntable. She has been saving her 45's and 33's and finally bought a new turn table.

She was like a little kid for the first time playing all her golden oldies, Smokey Robinson, Johnny Mathis, Bobby Vinton etc. She was in heaven. I got back from a mtg. and she was going to make dinner for me (I usually make dinner) but she got engrossed in her new toy I had to fend for myself.

If the weather is nice Friday I'm going to put up our tent canopy and hook her turn table up to my professional Bose system and she can play all night. Have to break out the wine.

Here's a little trivia question for you record buffs.

On average, how many grooves are there on "one side" of a 33 record?

First correct answer wins a free trip to the back of my van. HA HA HA
There is one groove per side, they are just very long.
if that's not right i will for the sake of the back of the van trip say 420.
The turntable is just a player/AM/FM/FM stereo radio. I have most of the oldies as MP4's.

Doug you're right, with a record you get that warmth from the sound that digitized songs don't have. The Bose does really bring out all the sound that you lose with conventional speakers.

I took a CD/DVD label sheet and via a website created a 45 record label titled Merlot 2008 etc. Put it on a bottle of wine for her. She should be home soon and since she is off work tomorrow I presume it will be opened tonight.

I'm working on a new type of label for some wine. Taking old 45 record labels and making wine labels for my wine. They would be printed on the CD/DVD avery labels. It would be a great conversation piece while you're drinking.

When I do a few I'll post a couple. Gotta watch as they are copywrited.
I have like 400 lps. Id like to get one of tose digitl units myself.
How many 33' will fit onto a 700MB cd? Anyone have one of this usb turntables?
You sure don't hear people talk about albums much any more. Some kids will probably only see one in a museum.
I wish I had some of the old music I had back in the 70's and early 80's that I lost with a load of vinyl.
I had a big collection of Steppenwolf I just can't find any of. Also some off the wall stuff I wonder if I'll ever be able to replace, even in cd's.
I have lots of stuff from the 70's and 80s on LPs.

Bring a case of beer, I'll let you listen to them!!

I have all te foreigner albums. I have Stevie Wonders first album.

(I actually seen Steppenwol here in Fairbanks in the early eighties, outdoor concert. Seen George Thorougood here too!!!)
i was going through some boxes from storage and my kid asked me "what kind of games are these?" and it was 8-track tapes.

An Evening at Studio 54
and several others, those were the ones that stuck out.
i can provide a list tonight when i get home it anyone wants to know what they all were.