2013 crush report - This is a long one

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I had some other folks take pictures. I just havn't callected any yet. As soon as they come in, I will post them.

Racking day was last saturday. Had some early stages of h2s, so racking could not be delayed any longer. Performed an appropriate splash rack on those that has the tell tale signs. Later sampling was h2s free! nipped that one in the bud.

Retested all acids. No adjustments were needed. All were between the .60 and .65 g/l range.

Added malolactic. Temp of wine was 64 degrees.

Now that all racking is done, and all wine is selaed for the next month or so, took the time to pull all equipment out of the winery, scrub down all walls and floor, then washed each item equipment as I brough it back into the winery. Outside temp was 65 degrees, so I opened the double doors and ran some fans to dry the winery out.

Now, everything is clean. You can walk into the middle of the winery and not even get a hint of wine aroma. I got to hand it to myself, the place looks great.

Finished the evening off by cooking a nice dinner for my two brothers (who had helped me.

Salad: lettuce in a balsamic vinegrette with beets, candied walnuts, and a goat cheese crouton.

Dinner: Beef borganion, roasted potatos, asparagus, roasted mushrooms.

Dessert: chocolate mousse.

Once dinner was over, my wife reminded me, now that I have so much time on my hands, that the fall chores have been stockpiling up. Have a lot of wood to split thanks to huricane sandy. Spent Sunday (yesterday) making beer at my cousin's place in atlantic highlands. The wood-splitting can wait

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