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There's a bunch of Steves that hang out at the various wine making forums. This one is just fine, and sitting at home.

Can you please be more specific.

sorry madriver Steve is the one I was talking about but glad to see all the other Steve's are doing good also.:d
You know, now that you mention it I haven't seen him either and he posted like a mad man. I hope all is well myself.
Just checked and his last post was on Nov. 26 so he is still around.
I haven't seen Steve in awhile hope everything is ok.
Yes I am still around. Things have been a mess around here and no time for the computer. With out going into detail there have been 2 deaths in the immediate family in a 4 week span so I havent been in much of a mood to surf the net either. Still making wine though, just started 4 gallons of blueberry and a gallon of pumpkin. Not sure how that will turn out but fun to try. Just donated 2 bottles to a charity auction for C.P. Courious to see how much we get out of them??
Merry Christmas to all.
Thanks for the concern, Steve
Steve good to hear from you, sorry it has to be with bad news on your part. Bad time of year to hear bad news. I hope you have your family around you to get through. I lost my Dad 9 years ago a few days before Christmas. it was -30F and it was dark and I was alone, it's the people around you who keep you from falling down.

You have some friends in here Steve, we have all been thinking about you. If we didn't care we wouldn't have inquired about the well being of you and your familly.

Sorry to hear about the tough stuff.

I have a new phone 907-328-1027

Someday we can talk, if you need someone to cry with buddy I'll be with you. If you want to send me your phone PM me of email me at my [email protected] address.

I'll spend the phone time to call you

Standing By,
Very sorry to hear about your circumstances over there Steve. Glad you are OK though and hopefully things will settle down over there for you but I know personally that its going to be awhile before that happens.
Steve sorry to here about the loss in your family. I hope the days ahead are better. we will be thinking about you and will miss all them post that you throw in the mix.