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Madriver Wines

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Apr 6, 2009
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I have come across a couple trees loaded with this berry. Not sure what it is? Does anyone recognize it? Thanks in advance for the info.

here is a close up of the leaf

I should also mention that the berry has a single seed/pit.
Steve the Nomad
I want to say some variety of choke cherry, but not for sure.... let's see what I can dig up.
The leaves look like a cherry tree leave but not sure about the fruit though.
looks like what we call unripe elderberries,i dont know if you get these in them u.s.a.

take the the branch and the berries down to your local garden centre/plant sales place and get them identified. They look like elderberry... but my tree has a lighter leaf and the berries hang in large circular flat panicles.. I know there are various hybrids..but to be on the safe side.. go ask a plant specialist.

Elderberries to my knowledge grow in a group and these are widespread so I dont think they are those. I have red ones like that and they are a type of Holly so find out before you even think of doing anything with them. I have never een a Black Currant bush yet in front of me as I buy them wholesale now but hopefully grapeman can jump in here as he grows them also.
That could be a choke cherry but it may also be a black cherry. Is it a small shrub/tree about 12-15 feet or is it a tall tree about 40 feet? It is certainly not elderberry and is definitely not black currant. Answer the height question and you have your winner. Either will make a good wine, but expect plenty of tannins.
eat a few and get back to us if you can lol

just kidding
they dont look familiar to me
Ok first off thanks to everyone for all the help, :Dwell except Nubz not sure how much help that was lol. :)The tree is about 15' tall and the bark is identicle to tart cherry. I googled it,of course, and it says the choke cherry is tart and some what punchant and not very good to eat but makes good jelly and jams along with a great wine. I am going to follow Allies advice and check with our local nursery for confirmation. Where does this all end? Winter? I am starting to understand Wade's predicament. You hurt but cant stop because the window is only open for alittle while.
Did I mention we picked her (the sister again) pear tree dry and ended up with 76lbs of processes pear in the freezer. The canned pear turned out so well I am really looking forward to starting a big batch of fresh pear.:D:D
:b Steve the worn out nomad
was only trying to help you see if they were bad to eat or not sheesh

lol :p
if you do decide to take my advice just do one thing

save a few for the folks at the ER just in case LOL
Being 15 feet tall means they are likely choke cherry. The berries look like them, but the leaves are just a tad long for them, although I have seen them that long before. Either way, they make for a fairly good wine, but require a LOT of age.
Your right it is Choke Cherry. Google says black cherry leaves have flat sections where choke has straight serated edges.
Thanks Grapeman and everyone else

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