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Feb 16, 2009
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I have made 3 gal. of welchs grape juice wine. how long will it normally take to clear? It is only 30 days old tastes great but still a little cloudy. the guy at the brew shop said to add sparkloid when I degassed he said it would help in the clearing. just kinda wondering what to expect.
There are manyvariables as to how fast a wine will clear. Did you add bentonite to it in the beginning as that will help rid the wine of any protein hazes, did you add any pectic enzyme as that will help aid in any pectin hazes. Bentonite will also help aid in dropping out any heavy sediment right in the primary. Temps will also play a big role in this. If clearing naturally cooler temps will help drop sediment, if using a fining agent then warmer temps work better. I cant really tell you how long it will take naturally but if you are in a hurry then Sparkaloid or superKleer is the way to go and I recommend SuperKleer KC as you dont have to do any boiling of water or stuff like that, its very simple and works very fast!
welches grape juice

I didn't use bentonite in the recipe. The first two kits that I made did use bentonine in them and they cleared within 2 weeks. There was pectin enzyem
in the recipe. It is kept in the basment which is about 55 degrees. So I guess I wait another 30 days and see what it looks like. Is bentonite ok to add to most recipes?
I add it to every wine I make in the beginning as it does a few things like I mentioned and is all natural so your not adding a chemical, it just speeds things up with clearing in a few ways so that you get to the end result fatser without having to use a additional fining agent which may then strip flavor and color but I really havent noticed that either.

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