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Apr 6, 2009
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Hi, I am working on a Selection German Mosel Valley Gewurztraminer. I did my degassing and clarifying step a few days ago. It says after 8 days to do a racking in order to leave behind all the sediment. I was wondering if it will "hurt" the wine if I wait longer than 8 days to rack it off the lees into another carboy.

Thanks in advance for the help!
I personally let it sit another week for thr lees to compact more, this way they are not as easy to disturb. I always keep the carboy tilted during this time so that all the lees go to one side and then tilt it back the other way carefully and rack off that side, you get more clean wine that way and less of a chance of getting any lees in your wine.
I usually let my wine kit wines sit almost twice as long as the instructions recommend after degassing and adding the clarifying agents (Step 3). This is perfectly fine since you added the metabisulfite package at that step. It'll keep. The extra time allows for more sediment to fall resulting in a nice clear wine. After your next racking you are supposed to let it sit for another 7-14 days and add more sulfite. I let it sit for a min of 14 days but even 3 weeks is better to let more sediment rest. Just be certain your airlock is nice and tight. Some people recommend 5+ weeks at that step 4 but I think that allows the possibility of air to seep through the rubber bung. Just a preference. Taking the time of that extra week to make the wine more clear is no big deal since you usually let kit wines age for 3+ months in bottles, what's an extra week for perfection??
Ive bilk aged for many months and any air which can seep through a bung which really isnt possible would be good, not to be confused with just leaving the bung out. The small amount of air that might get in will actually help improve a wine and is exactly what is done when barrel aging, its called micro-oxygenation!
Good to see another Alaskan winemaker in here, was really feeling lonely till Taylor joined us now were three!!:b
Hey arcticsid!! I"m new to Alaska, moved here from near Napa, CA actually. I"m excited to collect wild berries this summer and make some alaskan mead or fruit wine! I'll be in Fairbanks half the summer. Any good places to do some collecting near you??
Everywhere pretty much, watch for the bears they like em too! Got ran out of my secret spot last fall by the bears. Lots of lowbush cranberries and lots of blueberries. Need a good spot though. Gonna take 4# min per gallon, thats alot of berries and alot of work unless your really on em. Not worth picking for wine IMO, sure good for pancakes, liquers, or jam. Besides if the bears don't get you the mosquitoes damn sure will!!!!

Welcome to the far north.
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