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Nov 5, 2006
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The date code for a Vineco kit (which includes, but is not limited to the KenRidge brand) is on a sticker on the top of the box. There are three groups of numbers as follows.

xxxxx - sequential batch number
yxxx - y is the year (9 = 2009), xxx is day within year (eg 058 is Feb 27th)
xxxx - kit number within the batch

Older kits will have the number sprayed on the top of the box. I haven't looked at a Vinterra pail in a couple of years. The code then was on a sticker on the front of the pail. Just the batch code and date, no sequence number.

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Thanks cpfan, I was hoping and had a feeling ou would come through with this even though I didnt have a chance to pm you to see if you knew it, been very bust lately!
I better, since most of the kits that I have been making are Vineco kits.