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Oct 26, 2008
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Has anyone evr added a hint of mint to wine(I was thinking about apple in particular). Actually a mint wine may be interesting in itself
Sid, I never have but I have heard of people making mint wine and have tasted some. It was OK but not my cup of tea. I am not much into the herbal wines. My Mom's house is totally surrounded by Spearmint. I mean it lines the entire perimeter of the house. I always wondered what the heck she could of done with all of that mint. I bet it would be good in those chocolate ports folks around here make.
Yeah, no kiddin Smurfe, that would probably real good in one of those. What DOES your Ma do with all that mint? Ifin it was me, I would find SOMEthing to do with it.
Sid, I don't remember her ever using it for anything. We had all kinds of stuff growing in two gardens and she canned or froze everything. I just don't remember anything with the mint. I think she just wanted to border the house with it cause it was pretty. You did get a bit or aroma from it. I used to curse it as it really attracted bees.
we just started some basil wine. we have 2 very different varieties, so we'll see which comes out better or good at all. it's easy to make. no juicing, pitting or anything difficult. basil grows quick too.

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