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The Atomic Wine Maker
Apr 5, 2010
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Seattle, WA (US)
Alright, im gona share a recipie of some Hooch ive made before. It is good to drink as soon as it get done bubbiling and would prob be better if a fining agent was used.

Step 1. Buy a gallon of your favorite Hawian Punch flavor. Take a mighty chug from the gallon so that you have atleast 2 cups of headspace.

Step 2. Create a starter with bread yeast and warm water, let it get happy for as long as you deem apropiate.

Step 3. Add the starter to the Hawian Punch and let it do its thing.

Step 4. Once it is done cooking, add a fining agent to clear or drink as is if your feeling brave.

Optionally you can add sugar but then you risk the alcohol flavour getting way too strong. And since this drink is suggary enough to start with additional sugar is not a must.

Ive made this before and it is indeed drinkable and in my oppinon much better tasting than most cheap wine you can buy at the groccery mart.
yah, i invented this one myself when i was in my early days. Its easy to drink and is soft on the stomach too lol. So thats always a plus. Ive actually got a batch going right now thats a little bit more complex but is essintialy the same thing.
Sounds fun. I may give this a try in the next couple weeks.

How weird is it that since joining here to make better wine, I have started Skeeter Pee, and now may try this soon.:slp
Better is a very subjective thing. I do not believe that a finely aged merlot is "better" than a cold batch of skeeter pee. I just believe that it is different ya kno?
I can see that logic. I haven't had any Skeeter Pee to drink yet, so I still don't know!:D However, tasty stuff fast sounds real good to me!:h
aye, I think skeeter is a little tastier than this but this is ready quicker and is a whole lot easier on the stomach too
Seth, we werent joking about smoking cheese. Someone suggested marinating it in wine. We dont want you taking on to many experiments at one time.

Cant stretch yourself to thin brother!!! LOL
But I am confident in the rest of the phrase..."somehow we get what we need"!!

Amen to that!
yah, im thinking about ttesting my Goose out later tongiht. Im thinking about freezing it and straining off the liqioud and that should both filter and raise the alcohol up a bit too.
Water and alcohol difuse into a solution where each material retains dif boiling and freezing points

If i was to freeze the goose punch the stuff freezing would be mostly water since alcohol freezes at an extremly low temp.. Therefore the unfrozen liquid would have less water in it than the original solution. This only means that the new solution would have a higher alcohol concentration. kinda like distilling but in reverse. Only issue is that you keep ALL the different alcohols this way. Also when i strain the liqioud thru the ice i should get rid of some sediment because i dont have my wine equipment with me right now.
HUH, I always wondered about that.

Ever put a mentos into a diet coke? I heard it makes wine in like 10 seconds flat.
Do you look at all the posts in here? or just the ones you subscribe to?

We all know about the mentos trick!!