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Rennaisance Man
Feb 22, 2015
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South Cental Pennsylvania
I have a Fourtitude that's ready for bottling. But, my brother would like to come out and help with that. It reached its second 3 months of bulk aging last week. And, my brother won't get here for a couple weeks.

I'm sure it will be fine (I have it under a AIO headspace eliminator right now). But, if I wanted to rack it tonight and dose with kmeta, would I need to re-dose it in 2 weeks before it hits the bottle? Or, will it be fine and I should just bottle without re-dosing?
Concur w/heatherd... Go ahead and rack now. Will be able to see if there's any sediment. 2 weeks will pass faster than you can get your bottles ready!!
You're racking using your AIO, so it's under vacuum while your racking, so I doubt you'll get much oxidation to use up that Kmeta. If I dosed it and bottled in another month, I'd probably not add any more. If it goes two months I'd add a bit, but not the full amount, unless you are planning to age for 5 years.

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