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Sep 9, 2009
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I'd like to make a toast to my first wine making season!

This summer I somehow stumbled through four 1 gallon batches from fruit that are in different stages of clearing at this point...the first I believe is about ready to bottle.

#1 - Grapes from my backyard! It tastes OMG delicious and I could drink it right now...I can only imagine what it'll be like aged for awhile. I'm totally thrilled that my very first batch is not only drinkable but YUMMY :D

#2 - Local Plums + a few of my own plums. Not crazy about the taste, taking a long time to clear (as I'm told it does) I'm prepared to mess with it and then let it age as long as it wants to.

#3 - Peach + Nectarine. Not loving the taste at all, I'm not sure what is off...also taking awhile to clear so...same thing with the one above.

#4 - Local Plums + CO Peaches. Just racked this one last night to start settling, had my first taste and YUM. I think its going to be almost as good as that grape!

I figure even if #2 & #3 bomb...a 50% success rate on my very first attempt is pretty great!

Mom has some more of my grapes in her freezer, I'll probably figure something out to do with them this winter :) ... they aren't as sweet as the ones I made my first batch with, but they taste we'll see.

Anyway, thanks for your help and CHEERS!! :b
Sounds like you did pretty good. I bet the others will come around especially if yo sweeten them a bit.
Congrats on your successes! This is my first season also and so far I've got a couple I like, Blackberry and a Peach/Pineapple and the vote is still out on my Elderberry.
I'll give it time.
Isn't it great to be able to make something you enjoy drinking?
It's a great hobby!

well done on your first 4 wines.

Congrats! It really isnt that hard to make wine. Now whats planned for the next few months?
Good for you Frosted, sounds like you paid attention!:D

Ihope you kept good notes so you can make it(duplicate it) again.

Don't stop now, come up with something else, we want to hear about it.

nice work.

peach is a difficult wine, but done right, is good. time will tell if the others will come around. little things can make a wine not work so well and you might not even know what it is. then you try it again and it's really good. just got to be patient and learn.

picking up tips here doesn't hurt either. :)