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Jan 5, 2010
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I am getting ready to make a second batch of wine with 30 pounds of frozen strawberries to be ready by summer. The recipes posted on this forum are confusing. none on the forum or a web search discusses degassing. Isn't degassing a standard proceedure for homemade wines?

If anyone has a really good detailed recipe for 3 or 5 gallons with instructions I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Steve,

What is it that is confusing? I searched out some of the recipes and they don't go into a lot of detail, is that what you mean? The amount of fruit seems pretty good and I always go by that. Can you state the parts that are confusing and maybe we all can just work our way through the recipe.

Many recipes dont go int degassing because usualy when you are doing a scratch wine you sholud have this concept down already but thats just whats expected. Do you need to know how to degas cause we will help you through that inf need be. Let us know what you need and we will get you through it.
I guess what I am looking for is detailed instructions as this will be my first from scratch attempt. Degassing is not a problem but none of the recipes discuss degassing. I am assuming that degassing needs to take place. When is the time to degass? What chemicals? Is K-Meta the same as metabisulfite? Should I not attempt this this until alittle more mature in wine making techniques? i only have 2 five gallon carboys on hand. I will eventually purchase a 6 gallon economy gets better.

Degassing is a bit of a non-issue in making wine from scratch.

Kits are meant to be ready in 28 days or less.

Making wine from fresh fruit is a process that takes much longer, so the aging and several times racking will take care of the degassing automatically.

There are tons of recipes around on the net so take a look at them and take your pick.

I have made several strawberry wines, however always made them from strawberry jam and not from fresh fruit (which is way to expensive over here). So I can not help you on that.


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