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Chateau Joe

Snowbelt Fermenter
Jan 21, 2009
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I found out Sunday that I won two medals in the NY State Fair Amateur Wine Makers Competition. My Pinot Noir won silver and my Chocolate Raspberry Port won gold.

Hopefully I will have some pictures in a few days when my medals arrive.
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Was this your 1st competition?

I look forward to seeing the photos.

Was this your 1st competition?

Thank you everyone. No this is not my first metal. I took silver last year at the State Fair with a different Pinot Noir. I also won bronze in the Winemaker Magazine contest with that same Pinot. That is the bottle in my avatar and yes, that one was the first wine I have entered.

My medals still have not arrived in the mail :m so pictures will have to wait till then.
Wow - that is impressive! Have you (or would you) shared your recipe? I am very interested in the port. How long had it aged?

Great job :)

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