Smilees story time.

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Dec 10, 2009
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Thought it was time to give a nod of appreciation for all the hard work those little buggers do for us here at the forum. :try
Does anyone know where they come from? Does anyone care? :a1

You can't deny their usefulness when you want to avoid confusion. :? It's easy to be misunderstood. :po

So I thought, why not use a few more to get the point across. :db

Here's what I came up with while sampling some of my freshly bottled Pinot.:d

Got paid today, check was a little heavy :mny, so of course had to head off to my favorite drinkin hole. :b
You know, I'm havin fun with a couple buddies :sm, havin drinks :ib. Gettin into it,things start rockin' :r, havin a great time, lovin' it :hug, thinkin to myself...what could go wrong?... :spm:pee
Right. Well y'all know how it goes...I forget when to say when :d, have a few more :d:d, things start gettin outa hand :tz, even get into a ruckus with another feller at the bar (what an *&&#@^%). :m:po:pee
Course, ya ain't gonna have that much fun without feelin a little sick. :e So later on I'm all like rowf rowf. :s:s
I wake up in the car:sl about 3 hrs later and realize... CRAP :slp , I gotta get to work:c . Man! What a bummer. Man is the boss gonna be pisdoff! :w

Hope you enjoyed the story. Good Night!

:pee :gn
Troy. No smilee story from up north?
See, this is what I'm sayin :a . There should be some northern smilees that could have icicles hangin off or like a snowman smilee. Why don't we have those? :?
I wonder if we could upload smilees. That would be cool.:>
Maybe the mods would get upset.?:m
It's all in good nature. :b Fun amongst friends. :):hug