Winexpert Washington Riesling w/ apple & golden raisins

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Feb 28, 2019
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First I'll tell you what I did and then follow with a fun story about how it came about.

The Kit: Winexpert Washington Riesling
The Fermentation Extras: Apple peels (from approx 10 small apples), 1 lb golden raisins, 1 1/4 C of the backsweetener provided in the kit
Initial Gravity: 1.100

It's hanging out at ~ 72* in the warmest room in the house. I am mildly concerned that it won't be warm enough but just pitched it this morning, and the airlock pressure is building. Any thoughts?
Plan to leave it in primary for 3+ weeks just to sit on those peels and raisins for a while, then rack to carboy and let it clear naturally over 2-3 months. Still considering whether to add a bit of oak while it ages just for a bit more depth. Let me know if anybody has done oak-aged riesling!

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Fun story: I'm American and at the start of the pandemic in March I decided to weather the lockdowns with my boyfriend in Canada. Of course I didn't have the foresight to bring any winemaking supplies, since we didn't think the borders would be closed for more than a month or so. I also neglected to load my car up with the 50+ bottles of homemade wine hanging out in my basement, which would definitely have come in handy!
Fast forward 7 months later, I've been getting bits and pieces of my wine gear shipped over periodically with other things I needed from home, and was able to find a carboy in somebody's garage. But I still didn't have everything I needed.
Meanwhile, we got married (!!) and are planning a belated wedding reception for our 1-year anniversary next October (Covid-permitting, ha).
So I went down to the little winemaking shop in town and convinced them to sell me a used bucket and a couple tablespoons of sanitizer along with this riesling kit. So now I'm on my way to being able to serve my very own custom wedding wine at our reception!


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