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Papa b

Easy does it
Nov 16, 2009
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My name is Mike, my kids friends and a lots of people call me "Papa B" I've a member of this forum for 5 months and never introduce myself, Sorry !
I live in Murrieta, Southern California, I made a few kits,Merlot aging, just bottled chardonay last week and KR Trilogy this weekend (with a lot of help from the forum of course), fermenting right now Chilean cabernet and another fermenter I got Merlot just started last night
Anyway thanks for all the help & great advice
Never introduced yourself huh? Now you know why we have been ignoring you! LOL. Kidding of course, belated welcome, good to have you part of the group.

As a penalty you will have to toss a few coins in the can next time you log on!! Kidding again, of course!

Welcome to the board. This is definitely a great place to find good info and good humor.
a few coins in the can ? you guys take credit cards ? Check is in the mail:)

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