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Sep 4, 2019
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When storing your meter, are you actually using a KCL storage solution or something else like tap water or PH 4.0 buffer solution?
I was wondering if anyone had just used tap water or stored dry because Aprea says it can be stored with solution, a bit of tap water, or dry. Just never use distilled or deionized water for storage.
It's a non issue now.. I ordered some storage solution.

What I'm surprised by is that Aprea says they're probes can be stored dry, which I've never heard of.
I am guessing your Aprea pH probe is stored above a sponge with pH 4 buffer. Some gel filled probes allow you to keep them in a 100% humidity container.
The thin glass bulb has been conditioned at the factory and loses conditioning/ becomes less responsive, if it gets dry. It can also lose conditioning if stored in tap water.
surprised Aprea says they're pH probes can be stored dry

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