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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Well my Peach wine has been in carboy since October of 09 and never really cleared so today I went and got some SuperKleer and was going to use it when I looked in there and said I should rack it again first. After doing so it looked a little clearer so I decided to try and filter it before using the fining agent and Bam, it cleared it right up to my amazement. I always say dont filter a non clear wine but it worked like a charm. It did take almost 1 1/4 hours instead of the 35 minutes this cheap slow Gravity filter takes so it did clog it a bit but Ill be getting this into bottles today finally.
YAY!!!! good thing!!! my peach didnt take nearly that long to clear thank goodness...i got another 2HUGHE bags of peaches today for 20 bucks so more wine and more ale are on the list!!
Time to look into a Bonvino Mini-Jet filter.
I love mine.... got it on a trip in Canada. found it craigslist for 40 bucks canadian!!! (so like 3 dollars U.S.) haha

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