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Apr 5, 2022
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Thought I would post a picture of what cookin' in the guest room. Left to right the Raz-A-Rita is up first. Next is the Mayhaw-Fuji Apple, then Georgia Bell Peach batch #2, next is Georgia Bell Peach batch #1 it has some of the Sam's white peaches that never softened. It fermented bone dry and cleared very quickly. The 7.9 Gal Fermenter is Owari Satsuma. Pitched the yeast on it today. You can see I have 2 soil warmers around the bucket to get it to 75 degrees. All the gallon jugs are Peach too, some from each batch. So I'm experimenting with 1:1 Syrup and 2:1 syrup with the gallon jugs. Going to top them off with the different syrups at racking to see how the yeast reacts, ABV changes, final tastes, etc.

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