Trouble filtering raspberry mead

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Oct 7, 2020
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Our raspberry mead is notoriously difficult to clear up. But dispatch was more troublesome than usual. Before I started they relied on sparkaloid, which they admittedly were not particularly impressed with. So I convinced them to give k-c a shot. It did drastically reduce the turbidity relative to previous batches- all the way to 66. And yet we had a hell of a time getting it through K900 filters and had to swap them out halfway through to finish the first course filtering. The filter pads seem to have a slimy surface to them after. They told me that this is typical with the raspberry mead.

I know that certain fruits have particular elements to them that can make them throw a haze and make filtering difficult (other than pectin). I recall peach being one such fruit.

Does anyone happen to know what the specific thing about raspberries is that is making it so difficult to initially filter? And if so, do you know of any tips or tricks to remediate it earlier in the fermentation process to make filtering easier?

I did see and article about pediocaccus infection creating polysaccharides and "ropey" wine. But there doesn't appear to be any dopiness or other indications of an infection. Whatever it is has been unique to using raspberries.