Newbie from East TN here

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Jul 9, 2009
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Hi I'm Ryan and I've been dabbling in homebrewing for a while. What I've done so far is Kvass which is a russian fermented rye bread (although it can be made with fruits too) drink. A few months ago I found a site on meadmaking and a few weeks ago I started with their 'quick and easy mead' article which just involved getting a gallon container of springwater and adding all of the ingredients and using a balloon with a hole poked in as an airlock. It's been three weeks and I came here with some questions about racking, mainly about the sterilization, but I'll ask those elsewhere. I plan on making a few batches of mead, but plan on doing winemaking and brewing beer later.

I'm really excited about this and I've had fun doing what little I've already done and I look forward to learning more here!

Welcome, you will be covered on any type here as we ferment it all and have lots of experience doing so.
Hiya Ryan..

What's the recipe for the Kvass? ...have never heard of it..

I'd post a link to the recipe, but I can't send links right now. if you search 'kvass' on recipezaar dot com you'll fin the recipes I've used. Although they dont give any bottling instructioins, i've used empty two liter bottles and they've held up fine. You only ferment them for about 3 days (although once I made lemon Kvass and forgot about a bottle for 3 weeks... it didnt explode, but it fizzed for a good minute upon opening, and MAN did it taste good). On that note, can you rack carbonated beverages?
What does it taste like?

(will search the recipe and post it for you)

Well... I found out after the fact that I did not use the right type of Rye bread for it (you want the really dark, dense rye bread) so I don't know the REAL flavor of the rye variety, but it kind of tasted like beer. My friend says Lemon Kvass taste's like Mike's Hard Lemonade, but I've never had it so I guess I'd say it kinda tastes like Bitter Lemon, but not as bitter. It's been a long time since I had the little bit of the cherry I did make and I completely forget. It was kind of weak, think i should've boiled the cherries longer or maybe crushed them up more first.
hi ex newbie from east tn

im also from east tn morristown to be exact and was just looking around and seen yer post how did the mead turn out?
Welcome! I was just down in East TN last week, (Gatlinburg), not sure how close that is to you.
30 min east i used to take my kids to dollywood all the time but they almost grown now
30 min east i used to take my kids to dollywood all the time but they almost grown now

my aunt betty used to work for dollywood.
I still have family in severeville (sp?) and around gatlinburg.
Welcome. Are you a all grainer? There are alot of Homebrewers and winemakers here to answer all questions. (Wade & I do both)
cool-- yep my dad was from serviville and somewhere down the family tree im related to the Ogals who own just about everything in Gatlinburg... too bad they dont know me huh? oh well.
Mr Beer

iv never made my own beer but i just got a mr beer kit and im gonna give it a shot --any one ever used this kit? funny i dont even drink but now im making win and beer :D
Welcome! I was just down in East TN last week, (Gatlinburg), not sure how close that is to you.
I took many family vacations through there as a kid. Went to ghost town in the sky many times when we were on our way to North Carolina
Lol well, im gona add to the East TN train as that is where i too reside lol. who woulda thought that East TN had so many home wine makers --_--
rofl is that milk wine gona follow me all the way thru my stay here lol? Really and truely its great stuff lol ima make believers out of all someday i swear i will.

I wouldnt mind trying kvass sounds kinda like making wine and extracting a beer like taste from the rye bread. So im guessing the darker and funkier the bread the better

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