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1st Timer

Hog Wild
Sep 25, 2009
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I did something wrong but not sure what??? I walked into my shop last night and to my surprise I had Concord wine on the ceiling, my motorcycle, leathers and everything else within the blast zone.

This was my very first batch of wine, I bottled it in early October and at that time I had not yet to read up on all the do's & don'ts on wine making. I pretty much just based my bottling on the SG levels and activity within the airlocks in the later stages.What baffles me is that I have drank about 5 bottles of this wine since bottling and there seemed to be no pressure at all when the corks were removed. I uncorked my remaining 6 bottles last night (out in the yard of course) each went off with a bang followed by a pretty purple fountain. My yellow lab looked a little hung over this morning!

I salvaged roughly a gallon and put an airlock back on it, it appears to be fermenting again. Alot of bubbling going on..... Again this was my first batch ever but I was wandering how could it be bottled for 1 1/2 months before blowing? The temperatures here are and have been getting cooler since October.

Is this unusual? One heck of an initiation!!!
we need details. original gravity, gravity at bottling. did you add sulfites? sorbate? if so, how much of each?

Taste the wine in the carboy, does it taste sour, bitter or vinegar-like? You could have some infected bottles in the batch.

FYI, it takes a while for bottles to explode. I've had a stout explode about 5 weeks after I bottled it. It takes a fair amount of pressure to pop a bottle, hence why its dangerous. If 1psi would crack a bottle they'd all gently split open :)
welcome to wine making, until you make bottle bombs, you are a virgin. You got it over fast. Most likly the wine wasnt finished and/or you didnt degas before bottling. Cool wine that isnt degassed will blow when warmed up. I got lucky, my bombs were white wine and the carpet in living room didnt look bad afterwards
And now you are a wine maker. We all have these little accidents at some time or other.
It rather sounds as if you didn't degas properly. You'll know next time. We don't learn from getting things right after all.
Leanne hit it on the head you did NOT degas. Or, you forgot to add stabilizers.
What is it
What did U do.
Still sounds like a degassing problem
I looked back at my notes at lunch and everyone is correct; I did not stabilize or degas....Hate to have to admit it but maybe someone else will learn from my mistakes! SEARCH: EXPLOSION

Thanks for showing me the error of my ways......

I knew I should have drank that wine faster, that'll learn me!
Leson learned the hard way. Hurry up and drink the rest.
Also remember the 3 (P's)
Oh yea .. follow the directions.. :D
Ist, you may need to change your title, sounds to me like you are now 2nd. LOL. Please don't give up, sheets happen. Your scoot will survive and your leathers too. At least your not playing around with that chemistry kit you got for Xmas last year!!

1st, we are laughing with you Bro', not against you. Your mishap is nothing! We have heard far worse, I wish we had a thread just to look at all the worse incidents besides yours.

Make another batch. We'll do whatever we can to help you get to success.

(p.S.,, maybe you better hold off on trying to make Champagne, at least for now.)
1st. I have to tell you this story. Almost 30 yrs ago I lived with my Dad in the bush(wilderness). And we had a woodstove, hard to regulate heat.

Well the ole man decided he was going to make his own beer. He bought some kind of can of malt syrup, yeast sugar etc. He cooked it according to the directions on the can and then siphoned it off into bottles. Before he corked them, he added a pinch of sugar to each one.

They were then stored upside down to "age". My Dad was a submariner, had absolutely ZERO idea on brewing beer. All seemed to be going well, until a couple days later when the temp inside the cabin got high. Those bottles, like 50 or 60, began to explode. They literally blasted like 15 feet in the air and smashed on the cieling.

I slept upstairs and after the first two or three expolsions he called up to me and told me to stay under cover. After about an hour the explosions stopped and we ventured out of our covers to see what had happened. I know he was hiding too!! LOL.

I have never seen such a mess in my life. There was glass and beer everywhere, and here and there was a cork laying around.

To this day I have no idea what recipe he was using, but it didn't work out all that well.

I miss my Dad, and wish he were to learn how to do it right.

So Bro' you are not alone. At least your scoot has been blessed with the "nectar of the Gods"!!!


I too have had the chance to learn from the college of hard lessons. Luckily, I only had three corks blow out of my black berry after I took that much out early in my learning process.
Couldn't figure out what I was hearing as the wife and I slept. She thought it was thunder! :)

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