making wine from Marquette grapes

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May 19, 2019
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Northern Virginia
Thank You.....I began to make wine about 4 years ago, and decided I wanted to try grapes that no one else has.... so I brought the Baco Noir 2 years ago and last year I planted a root stock of the Marquette and this year the vine is full of grapes and starting to ripen,.... The Baco Noir is grown in CA now w many wine makers using it to add a fruity notes to there wines,.................In my garden I have 50 vines all planted together - Merlot, Zin, Syrah, Baco Noir, Marquette, Port, and a few white table grapes.....I spray the garden once a month w "7" until the fruit begins to ripen.....So far in CA for 2021 we have had less then 4 inches of rain, where as in 2020 we had 40 inches..........Starting in Jan we had warm months through March......., but cool April and May days with very cool nights and gloomy mornings perfect for wine growing....In jan I root started more clippings of both Baco Noir and Marquette for more vine growing....................The main reason I decided to try to grow these 2 grapes is because.... I am in the holiday business of lighting homes for halloween and Christmas and I like to have my wines made by mid September.............Because the Marquette and Baco Noir ripen a few months before the others,... I pic them early with the correct Brix then crush and freeze until the other grapes are ripen, then I thaw and I co-ferment all my wine grapes together for 14 to 16 days..........I then do a malalatic Ferm for 3 months in neutral oak barrels and continue to age in oak for 5 more months, from there I transfer them to a cowboy and let sit for 4 to 5 months before bottling...
Very cool! What kind of numbers do you get at harvest: Brix, pH, TA, etc?

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