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Sep 1, 2011
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Northern wisconsin
A few winemaking clubs in Wisconsin join together to make juice bucket purchases twice a year. I bought a carmenere and a viognier this year at $56 a bucket it’s a pretty good deal. The Viognier only had 2 g/l of acid, the carmenere was about 4.5. The aroma and flavor is good on both, I added a little tartaric acid and after fermenting it seems ill have some pretty good wine. I used Biodiva yeast and maurivin B, also used mlb vp41. Didn’t add so2 until after racking to carboys. I think each wine will benefit from adding glycerin later. Hard to tell now with all the co2.
The buckets were delivered to Drumlin Ridge winery for pickup so I add to sample their wines. They have a fantastic marquette wine. Best I’ve ever had, if your ever near Madison wi stop in and try it.

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