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Feb 23, 2009
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Anyone have any experience with their wine racks??

Vinland Wine Racks

I am going to need to start thinking about extra storage room in the next month or so.. Looking to get the 120 bottle rack... Price definately seems right.. Any word on quality?
Thankyou Tom.. I think I may get that one, it looks very sturdy!! I just noticed the post by smurfe too. For roughly the same price shipped, I will end up with room for 50 more bottles!
Its the same rack but the price went up. they hold 168 each Smurfe has 2 connected
Arrgghh. Forgot you need a Sams Club membership to order online.. I think my inlaws have one...
no sorry..

I picked up a solid steel ex shop display rack that holds 240 bottles really cheap on our local ebay.
Well, I was gonna say I have the same rack as Tom. Seems ya know that already. Yeah, they are very nice racks. I do have two of them hooked together. It looks rather empty right now. I have tons of wine to put on it but it is still all in cases as I have never labeled the bottles. BTW, Sam's only has those online, not in the stores. They are the most bang for the buck I could find.
I actually have 3 of them plus 2 from COSTCO but they only had 3 shelves for bottles and the top shelf you can put 9 cases full of course. LOL