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David Engel

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May 20, 2019
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Western Washington
Hi All,

Well 3 months has gone by since the 1st rack of my Merlot. When the 1st rack was done I had 2 gallons of free run juice and 2 1/4 gallons of pressed juice. The ph at the time of racking was a dismal 2.99 (this is merlot and should be up near touching 4) and the taste was tart. Well here's what happened this morning:

I took ph readings from 4 gallon carboys and the qt jar. The average temperature corrected ph reading was 3.09 (WAY low).
The color was very clear and looked like strawberry Kool-Aid (no where near Merlot color).
The smell was... can't describe it.
The taste was pretty tart to say the least (undrinkable).
Procedures seemed to be correct and worked, it's NOT vinegar.

Disclaimer: this is of course admitting I chose the wrong variety to grow in my location, brix at harvest was only 12, and I had to harvest a crop that was not ready as we had early fall rains and cooler temperatures and I was loosing clusters to swelling, bursting and rot setting in.

Short of a good experience going through all the wine making procedures, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it? Similar experiences and outcomes?

Thanks - Dave

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