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Apr 28, 2009
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Hi all,

New on this but would like some advice on a Kenridge Shiraz 6 bottle kit I did.

It makes 4.5 liters out of 5 liters but in my wisdom decided to add 500ml of water on top to compensate what I lost in racking to get out the full 5 liters.

My issue is I've just racked it into a glass demijohn last night and using an airlock with that but the air lock is not bubbling.

My question are:

Have I killed it by adding the 500ml extra water in the beginning and if so how can save it? Eg. extra sugar, stirring, yeast.


Has the fermenation slowed down and is expected?

Many Thanks,
Just to Add to that

Its been fermenting in the Bin for 7days and the instructions require you to rack it into another vessel and allow it to ferment for a further 6 days for the secondary fermentation.

Stephen, I'm have to assume that you are in the UK. I don't think that those kits are available in North America.

I don't have access to the instructions at the moment, but I thought that they made an Imperial gallon, ie 4.5 litres, not 5 litres.

Otherwise, everything sounds just fine.

Steve , you right on both, the kit does make an imperial gallon Ie 4.5l end product but it starts off as being 5 liters.

Good news I decided to take a SG reading and it was above 1000 so decided to have a little taste - yummy.

I've degassed, stabilized and now clearing it.

In the instructions it says it takes 2 weeks to clear which seems awfully long to me but I guess its aging as well so need to be patient.

Its my first wine kit and looks promising.

Thanks for your help all the same.
The reason that it says 2 weeks to clear is that
1) they are allowing a little extra time because some wines will take a bit longer due to temps and and just the style of wine and they are using the most extreme conditions that the temp and kit needed.
2) they are allowing some time for the sediment to compact so that you dont stir up the lees as much so you can do what is needed without stirring up the lees as much.

I always let the wine sit longer after clearing so that these lees compact more, its also a good idea to lean the carboy to one side while this is clearing so that all the lees go to 1 side and then when you go to siphon it gently tip the carboy to the other side and rack off the shallow side where the lees arent. Youll get more clean wine this way!
In the instructions it says it takes 2 weeks to clear which seems awfully long to me but I guess its aging as well so need to be patient.
I normally wait longer than two weeks, but I have wine waiting to be drunk.

BYTW, this kit was available briefly in Canada a couple of years ago. It was pretty darn good.

I have heard only good things about these kits also but dont have anyone selling these around here.

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