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  1. WhisperCloud

    Hydrometer already showing 0.994 in primary fermentation

    Hi all. I was making wine from black grapes and the hydrometer showed 1085 initially. I used double dose of metabisulfite and added yeast 48 hours later. After 5 days of adding the yeast, the hydrometer is showing 0.994 in primary fermentation. Was wondering if it's time to move to secondary...
  2. Jalapeño wine second fermentation.jpeg

    Jalapeño wine second fermentation.jpeg

    Using a carboy with a stick on thermometer I rack wine for its second fermentation using a funnel with a strainer to remove fruits and seeds. Only liquid goes into second fermentation. Clears within 40-45 days as long as pectin enzyme is added to the must initially.
  3. JCBurg

    Secondary ferm question

    Hello everyone, and thanks in advance to anyone who gives me a hand. My fermentation process took off like a rocket and went below 1.003 in a couple days. I racked into secondary and it dropped down to 1.0004 a couple days later. Now it’s at 1.0002 and It has been a few more days. The speed of...
  4. B

    Peptic enzymes and primary fermentation

    I have been making wine for about a year now and have had a fair amount of success. I tried using fresh peaches and a thick foam formed over the wine that blocked the airlock and built up pressure. Good thing I pay a lot of attention to the wine or I would have had a disaterous cleanup. Would...
  5. I

    Vineco Kenridge Shiraz Kit

    Hi all, New on this but would like some advice on a Kenridge Shiraz 6 bottle kit I did. It makes 4.5 liters out of 5 liters but in my wisdom decided to add 500ml of water on top to compensate what I lost in racking to get out the full 5 liters. My issue is I've just racked it into a...