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  1. Jalapeño wine second fermentation.jpeg

    Jalapeño wine second fermentation.jpeg

    Using a carboy with a stick on thermometer I rack wine for its second fermentation using a funnel with a strainer to remove fruits and seeds. Only liquid goes into second fermentation. Clears within 40-45 days as long as pectin enzyme is added to the must initially.
  2. JCBurg

    Secondary ferm question

    Hello everyone, and thanks in advance to anyone who gives me a hand. My fermentation process took off like a rocket and went below 1.003 in a couple days. I racked into secondary and it dropped down to 1.0004 a couple days later. Now it’s at 1.0002 and It has been a few more days. The speed of...
  3. B

    Peptic enzymes and primary fermentation

    I have been making wine for about a year now and have had a fair amount of success. I tried using fresh peaches and a thick foam formed over the wine that blocked the airlock and built up pressure. Good thing I pay a lot of attention to the wine or I would have had a disaterous cleanup. Would...
  4. S

    String-Like Material In My Apple Wine

    ***************************************** This 3 gallon batch of apple wine has been in 2nd fermentation for about a month now. And just today, I noticed this tiny little piece of "string-like" material floating at the very top of the carboy. Can anyone tell me what this is? Could it be...
  5. I

    Vineco Kenridge Shiraz Kit

    Hi all, New on this but would like some advice on a Kenridge Shiraz 6 bottle kit I did. It makes 4.5 liters out of 5 liters but in my wisdom decided to add 500ml of water on top to compensate what I lost in racking to get out the full 5 liters. My issue is I've just racked it into a...