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Jan 16, 2010
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Just picked this one up today, really curious to see how it will turn out, i was trying to find how much sugar to add to make it a bit more wine like then cooler and the guy kept stopping me and pushing that i dont saying it will just screw up the kit....
I made this kit. It is ok. I added enough simple syrup to to it up to 1.08 in the primary. Simple syrup = 2 parts sugar to 1 part of boiling water, stir while simmering till it clears. Remove from heat and let it cool.
I do all m y kits like this and usually add about 3- 3.5 lbs of white table sugar. It will void the warranty though. Some will add some sugar and 1/2 the f pack up front.
Runningwolf, did you use the whole f-pack up front cause this is already a sweet wine with the f-pack addition!!!
I did half the f-pack up front. Could have done the entire pack upfront, as you said it is very sweet. It is probably my least favorite that I have done so far.
i thought the sugar in the fpack was made so it wouldnt ferment though? so what would be the use to put it before?
The f-pack is normally added after you stabilize your wine. That is why it would not referment. Added in the beginning the sugar is fermented and you are still adding the additional flavor of the pack.
I made this kit a few years ago. SWMBO liked it!
Drizz, the f- pack is just a flavored inverted sugar syrup, you have to add sorbate to your wine before adding this or it will just start fermentation all over again. I still dont under stand why runningwolf used 1/2 the f-pack up front and then used a simple syrup after, were you saving the other 1/2 of the f-pack for something else or was it not sweet enough for you when you added it?
I added half the f-pack upfront along with the simple syrup to get sg to 1.08. Then I put the other half of the f-pack in after stabilizing the wine. If I did it over again, I would put the whole thing in upfront as it was very sweet.
Ah ok, I thought youn were saying you added more sweetener after it was done.
I might add a bit of sugar then to raise it to like 7~8%, i assume those are similar to the Wild Wines i was buying at the Liquor stores, which i always wanted a bit stronger but was always fun to drink in the summer by the pool.
The only one so far i tasted of those was the green apple riesling and rasberry merlot... the green apple one wasnt bad but the raspberry one really tasted like corn syrup, but was only aged 3 weeks.... i do hope with more time the corn syrup taste goes away. then again in the instruction says it's ready to drink at bottling time :S

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