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Feb 21, 2009
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Hi all,

I joined up over a year ago and was practically a fixture on the forum for awhile but as we all knkow life has a way of stepping in and forcing us to reorganize. I made the decision to drop everything in minneapolis and move back home for a number of reasons. A friend's terminal diagnosis and the feeling that I needed to be in a more supportive space away from my department.

I still was teaching but I had a stretch of time where I could drive cross-country. It all happened so quickly I didn't have time to plan what I would do with all teh beer and wine I had in primary and secondaries. I had to dump all my beer and wine that was aging because there was no time to get them bottled or they weren't ready to bottle. there were quite a few jugs of wine that were party ready to drink. :)

I don't think I've cried more than when I had to pour stuff out. I also ended up selling 80% of all my equipment because i couldn't get it all moved in the time frame I had. I didn't want to chance putting full carboys in the back of a moving van and driving over the mountains in the snow.

I ended up moving back to Portland, OR to finish my work and to jump into brewing beer more seriously. I mean there's no better place to be surrounded by beer than the pacific northwest. They don't call this place beervana for nothing. I'm slowing reacquiring equipment. I'm teaching again at the local universities and colleges around the city and pretty much just taking life as it comes.

I'm glad to be back on the forum. I just got a new fruit wine kit and i'm going to try for some fruit wines this summer. I've got a better handle on beer brewing so I'm back again to try and make a braggot.

I look forward to interesting conversations and swapping recipes.
Welcome back.

(Great! Now i got the theme to "Welcome Back, Kotter" going through my head.)
Hey M,

so good to have you back.. you have been missed a lot.

you didn't have to toss out the blueberry choc port did you? ( assuming you did get that one started?)

sounds like you are on top of things now and back in the swing of it.

Allie :hug
Welcome back.

Thanks UBG, now I got the theme song from "Welcome back Kotter" in my head. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaaaack.
Welcome back. Lots of new folks here and lots of the old ones also. We look forword to hearing about your ventures as you know you will be hearing about ours and Troys LOL.
It is wonderful to make your aquaintance. You must be a strong person to dump your beer and wine. Somehow I just couldn't of done that.
Welcome back,
now, what are you making next/now?
You dumped what????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im betting you could have sold that equipment full for much more!
Hi WildSeedGrrrl,

Sorry to hear about your lost but glad you are starting to make more. Nice to meet you.
LOL Wade,

I did sell a good chunk of my equipment. Not my big carboys because glass is expensive. I sold kettles and my brewing buckets. On a good note I sold much of my equipment to a woman whose partner has always wanted to make beer and wine but never got around to it. So she bought a lot of my stuff as a gift for her partner.

right now i'm making mostly beer but hoping when fruit ripens I can start wine later in the summer. Though I think there are some interesting recipes that i can do now, like the Apfelwein recipe.

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