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Feb 21, 2009
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Well I was reading a good portion of the introduction and I just figured I should jump in and just get started. I'd playedwith the idea of brewing beer and/or making wine and then I made a friend who already had a homebrewing system set up. So rather than have duplicate setups I decided that I would do wine.

I started out with a kit from Midwest Supplies, who by the way are so helpful. The guy wandered around with me for about 40 minutes, answering questions, offering suggestions, helpful ideas and opinions. My biggest concern was the weight issue...lifting and carrying full 6 gal. carboys. I'm not weak but I'm not terribly strong but I didn't want to always wait until my male friend comes over to help me move stuff. Turns out the plastic fermenter was not as big a problem as I had feared.

I'm really looking forward to making fruit wines and meads in the spring. I am looking to get a few 1 gal. carboys and 2 gal. fermenters and start a few batches of fruit juice wines. My landlord has graciously given me permission to keep wine in the basement for as long as I want...which means I will probably have to expect a few losses:) and mysterious disappearances.

I figure I will be questions at some point but mostly just lurking and reading for now.
Welcome wildseed, ask away before you venture too far to the point of no return. We are happy to answer any questions you have, just be as specific as you can like with starting gravity, the recipe and what temp and yeast you have. Even better, ask us about a recipe before you start as some recipes are not great and the specific amount os sugar called for may be way too much and produce too much alc for that fruit wine.

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