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Aug 21, 2007
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From Limerick, Ireland. Not too many Irish forums. Good job the internet makes the world such a small place!
Now ireland that brings back some pleasant memories.

I went there some 15 years ago with my (now divorced) wife.
We travelled the ring of Kerry by car.
I instantly fell in love with Ireland.


I only drove down that way myself a week and half ago. Beautiful drive. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm guessing that you don't have much of that mountainous landscape around where you're from...
Its not just the mountains. It is the green landscape.
Its the love for mystic like leprechauns etc.
It is the why hurry : tomorrow is fine (or next week) mentality.
It is the pleasant and hospital people where when you step into a bar you are certainly made feel welcome.
It is :we are folk dancing, join us we will learn you the steps.

It is Irish dance like riverdance, it is music like the Dubliners.
It is melancholy about past mishaps and femin but at the same time some cheerfull folk-rock.
It is U2

Ok, I'll stop. Who-ever is reading this and has the opportunity, do not hesitate and go there.


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