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Mar 11, 2009
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Hey everyone.

I just joined. I'm looking forward to sharing and learning from you guys. I'm fairly new at making wine. 3 red and 1 white so far and I'm currently in between kits, so nothing brewing at home... My best kit so far was an Amarone kit that came with raisins and grape skins. I'm open to suggestions for my new red and white.

Welcome Caro,

So are you only doing kits or planning to use
fresh fruit or juices for the new wines.

Sounds like you made the RJS En Primeur Amarone and that will need some age on it but will make an awesome wine. I made it and it has about 18 months on it now and it is awesome but still keeps getting better so make sure you keep some bottles around for at least 2 years.

That's exactly the wine I made last. It is delicious! I'll make sure to keep a few bottles aside for a couple of years.

I've only done wine from kits. I figured it was an easier way to get started and to understand how things work, and then I could start to improve a little bit with the kits, and then move on to using juice. Any thoughts on my plan?
Very good way to go!!!!!!!!!!!! You could start tweaking these kits with different oak levels or adding post tannins.
Thanks Wade! What do post tannins actually do? (Sorry if it's a dumb question... I'm new at this....) and when would you add them?

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