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Apr 11, 2010
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I've been told I should introduce myself, so here it goes.

I'm a twenty-one year old from southwestern PA. My dad has been making wine at home from kits, juice, and fruit for many years now. I've become pretty used to drinking it and seeing the long process of making it.

I just bought a house and can now begin making my own wines. My main interest is to make a wine that closely resembles Ice Wine, my personal favorite. No small task for my first actual time!
Once again welcome aboard Rock! As I stated before you can either by the juice from Walker's, and they will ship to you or order an ice wine kit. I have not made any ice wine from a kit but if I did I would get the Vidal from RJS...

Vidal Ice Wine Style
This nectar is full of peach and tropical fruit with a perfectly balanced, honey-like sweetness.

Cellar Classic
2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner
Oak 0 Body 5+ Sweetness 5++
Ice Wine Style

This is just my opinion and was going to be the one I was going to purchase till I found out I could buy the juice just an hours drive away.
Holy Cow another Western PA!!!!! Welcome, and I think we have more people from here than any place else. If so, we rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:i
We definitely do rule! Wine takes away from thinking about our unemployment rates :(
If you can't beat 'em... join 'em...

Real-estate is cheap here. Everyone can just move here! :p
hello Rock and welcome to the madhouse... I mean forum.

if you do go with a kit .. I suggest the orange muscat dessert wine.

St. Allie and runningwolf, how close would you say the kits are compared to the real deal $50 bottles of ice wine?

I have never made an ice wine kit. But as I said before I would go with a RJS Vidal ice wine kit If I was going that route. I have only tasted a few that I really liked and that last one was actually fermented with chocolate and it was awesome. The ice wine I am making now is my first attempt at it.
the orange muscat is awesome and I have to watch the cellared bottles carefully or they evaporate!


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