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Charlie Winter

I've been making wine for a number of years from everthing from fresh fruit to wine kits. I have always been looking for a forum like this to ask questions and open discussions. For the first time been using an oak barrel for aging reds with good luck.
Welcome Charlie. Look forward to hearing about your successes. I am sure many will be interested in your experiences with barrels. We have had a few questions about them.

Smurfe :)
Hey Charlie!
I'm down near Paducah. This my first time making wine. Sounds like you've been doing it for a while now.
I'm sure we'll be up in your area some this spring and fall for Soccer tournaments. Maybe you wouldn't mind sharing some secrets with me when we're in town.

I just got on the forum as well. I have been doing kits for years but have just started getting into using a vineyard. I may need your help in the future. I'm near Winchester, but what's neat is this forum makes everyone close and knowledge readily available.
Andy H

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