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Dec 18, 2009
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Hi everyone. This place looks like a wealth of information. I've been making wine now for a few years at home and enjoying it very much. I hope to be able to help out whenever I can, but I'm no expert. Sometime when it comes to wine making, I wonder if I ever will be! :)
Hello Romeo and welcome to the forum,

What sort of wines do you like to make?.. What turns out best for you?

Hello Romeo, glad you could join us. Thats what we need in here is another Whino! LOL:)

There is indeed a wealth of info in here and great people willing to share it with you.

I was just thinking that the combined experience in here has to be hundreds of years. I hope you get the info you would like in here.

What do you, have you made so far? And, whats next on your mind?

Welcome Romeo,
I'm from up in Bay City, good to see another Michigander.

Romeo is the Peach Capitol of Mich. :D So do you have a good peach recipe to share?? I only know that because we have some friends who live down there, and they were telling us about the Peach Festival this year.:)

I was thinking about having them get me a bushel next year, and trying a batch. It sounds yummy.

Nice to have you on board.
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Welcome to another Michigander. I'm up in Rose City. My mother was born in Romeo: lots of family connections in that town.