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Feb 1, 2017
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Hey, bit of a newb here. A friend and I spent the summer picking raspberries and are trying out our first wine from scratch. I'll make another post with my questions and you can all laugh lol.

I used to make the wine kits, and that was easier.
Welcome to the forum!

Last year I started to pick dandelions for the purposes of making a wine. After over an hours worth of bending over and picking I had only a small fraction of what I would need to make my batch. :( I quit and threw the picked dandelion heads into the woods.
Welcome to the forum!

I've done one wine kit and about 5 country wines from fruit (DragonBlood, Blackberry port, blueberry wine, cranberry wine, cran-apple wine). Although the kit is "easier," I didn't find the extra time spent squeezing the bag to be that burdensome. Although I'm thinking about doing more meads, as those are more kit-like than almost anything else.

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