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Dec 2, 2009
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Hey everyone,

I'm Zach. I'm an avid home beer maker and just got into making wine. I have a White Zinfandel fermenting right now and can't wait till it's ready!
My sister lives in E'town PA. She told me @ LAncaster brewery and Bubbs in Mt Joy. Ever been there?
LBC is awesome. I have heard a lot about Bubbs (I think it might be Bube's), but I have never made it out there, little bit of a trip for me. I also enjoy going to Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg...and the Troeg's Brothers, also from Harrisburg make a fine brew.
Welcome. I live in Md not too far from Hanover, PA and Littlestown & Gettysburg.
You should plan on going to Stouts in Adamstown PA. They throw a great "fest" Well worth the trip. Its just east of Harrisburg. I think it the rt 222 exit
Welcome ziggy this is a great place am fairly new also and found this forum to have some of the best people I have met on-line in long time :b
Welcoma Zach and Zoog! Glad to have you bothe here. Hopew you enjoy yourselves here. Zoog, I m wondering what town your in.
Welcome Ziggy, Stopped at a nursery down there this past fall. I think it was called staffers or something like that, it was huge. Dropped our daughter off at Penn State and drove on down to Harrisburg to see my brother. Beautiful ride through the mountains.
Stouffer's of Kissel Hill?

I will have to look into Stout's festival. I have seen signs for that place before, never made it out though.

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