Hello from Buffalo N.Y.

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Dec 27, 2009
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Hi guys my name is AJ and I am from Buffalo N.Y. I have been an avid beer maker for 4 years and last may my girlfriend bought me a wine kit for my birthday. We made a winexpert Riesling and need less to say we still have plenty of bottles (I got confused and being used to making beer I only filled 5 gallons for a six gallon kit and made a very strong Riesling, we also forgot to add the clearing agent). We then made the rj cranberry chianti, and the rj tangerine sangria both turned out great! Look forward to many comments and discussions
Welcome aboard AJ. It sounds like you started off on the same foot as most of us did. This is a great forum to ask questions and learn. There are also a lot of people on here who make beer.
Here you will find friendly Wino's ! :dg :dg LOL
hello and welcome to the forum AJ..

we look forward to your contributions.