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Feb 27, 2010
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I grew up in the Ca wine country and always enjoyed visiting the vineyards and wineries. I now live in beautiful Gig Harbor, WA [/URL]and recently caught the vintner bug.

I am working a Cellar Craft Chardonnay and began secondary fermintation three days ago. Must admit this is much like having a new (first) baby. Excitement....worry....excitement.....worry....patience, patience, patience.

All in all having fun learning a new hobby and looking forward to enjoying my maiden batch as well as starting my next.
Welcome to a great group.
Keep us posted on your batch.
ASK here before you do anything if you are not sure.
Hi and welcome.
Please let us know how it goes and never be afraid to ask! Good to have you with us.
Welcome RJB, glad to have you aboard and yes this is an addictive hobby. and youll find your carboys multiplying very soon.