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Dec 28, 2009
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well, ended up with 23 gal. of must (Brianna white) from the vineyard, not that great but only the 3rd year and a late frost set us back. most of it has fermented out already.. 500 lbs of grape destemed and crushed. I have worked 3 years to get to the point where I could crush my own grapes and turn to wine, from the ground to the bottle, nothing like it. with out this forum I would have never made it this far
sounds cool would love to have room to do a vineyard of our own LOL our horses come first
Hey rob,

all that work..

those bottles will be precious to you, save those bottles for special occasions, they won't be your best efforts to date, however they are a step forward and a promise to yourself...

we love contributing to this forum, and hearing about your early victories.

onward and upwards!! :bt

I really am jealous of all you in climates who can grow a wide selection of grapes. I would love to have some rows of my own, but here in Florida it would only be muscies.