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Sep 18, 2016
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Just bought my first wine kit from Label Peelers, the Mezza Luna Red kit. I've made some fruit wines and always use a tool over the primary, never the lid, but the kit calls for the lid. Is there any reason why I should change my procedures now? I've never had a problem in the past with the towel method. By the way this is from Vinters Reserve. I plan to break up the batch when it's done to sweeten 1/2 of it for someone who's wife likes sweet wine. I might even make a few bottles of off dry for myself, but will keep at least 10 dry. Anyone ever mad this kit ?
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What do you mean by 'tool'?

Probably meant to be "towel" I assume.

WAC - You should be fine with the towel, the cover is mainly to keep bugs, dust, hair, etc.,. out and having a sealed lid isn't an integral part of the fermentation process. I personally like a sealed lid because I have curious kids and it's a peace of mind knowing minimal damage will be done if bumped or pulled on.
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firs kit

Yes Towel is correct, thanks. No kids or pet to worry about, and no lid either, will start next week.:h
Towel is fine. I generally prefer a loose lid so that I can use the bung hole for placement of my prob thermometer.
Yeah, I just sit the lid on loose and stir daily.

Have made this kit three times now. Volume to 5 gallons, SG 1.10, added teaspoon of tannin to primary, had cherry wood in the secondary...finished slightly off dry. We love it.
thanks for the advice, I really don't want any thing to sweet.
We made the Mezza Luna and we're still enjoying it very much. It's certainly my personal opinion, but I find the red kits (red wine in general) take a few years to age into something really good. Certainly drinkable sooner, but ours has become very good after 2 years. As others said, you really just need to keep the critters out, so the towel is fine.
I started the wine yesterday ( Saturday ), and I see that there's no mention of stirring the must or punching down the cap, my question is, should I just leave it alone and not worry about it, or give it a stir once a day?
The yeast need oxygen to thrive and colonize the must so you need to punch the cap and stir it around once or twice a day. Having said that, i've never used a wine be honest i dont even know what they are but i'm in Australia and so it might be just a name thing...

Anyway, science is science and yeast needs O.

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