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Nov 21, 2016
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It has been some time since I've made wine as we moved and other things.

I'd like to get back into wine making and a lot has changed. I will admit I've been underwhelmed by red wine kits in the past. Mostly I've always had a bit of an off taste to them, chemically is how myself and others describe it.

How is the body on the new wine kits and how does Finer compare to say a 10 dollar bottle of say 19 crimes or something similar.
I've made one Winexpert Cabernet Sauvignon since they re-did the concentrate process, and I was very pleased with it. No KWT.

I've made 8 FWK reds and am very pleased with all. We have had a few people displeased with FWK, but the vast majority of folks reporting on the brand has been pleased. Two of the kits were the Tavola line with no skin packs -- they're lighter bodied and quicker drinking. If you want heavy body, go with the Forte line which includes 2 skin packs.
Thanks for the information Bryan. I was planning on the forte line anyway. I normally did the LE kits previously and I found the white wine kits to really come out great but red wine kits simply had a bit of that odd taste and were not very good. I'm mostly looking to product a 10-15 dollar bottle taste if you will.

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