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Feb 15, 2009
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This is my first attempt at winemaking. Got a kit and Chianti starter for birthday, GREAT!
My question is, I'm to the stabilising and clearing stage. Instructions say to wait 10 days, SG should be at 0.996 or less for proper clearing. My wine semms to be hovering at 0.999 for last two days. Should I keep waiting for 0.996 or just go ahead and rack it now?

Thanks for all responses
At the current SG, I'd leave it alone for a few days. If the SG is exactly the same at that time, rack it then. Unless any perceivable signs of fermentation have already stopped a couple days ago and it's not under airlock, I wouldn't worry about it too much for another week at the very least.
Try degassing it as sometimes the cas still trapped in the wine will keep the hydrometer from giving you an accurate reading. Report back.